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Tort Claim
Tort claims are filed to recover damages for vehicle accidents or incidents involving damage to property or personal injury. It is a claim for compensation for injuries you have sustained in the motor vehicle accident, the wage loss or loss of opportunity to earn income either in the past or in the future due to your injuries, and an amount for pain and suffering.

Who is entitled to make a Tort Claim

1.Motor vehicle collision victims and their family members can claim compensation for their losses from their own insurance company and from the person responsible for the collision.

2.Drivers, who are jointly responsible for a crash, claim against each other and recover compensation.

3.You can only make a claim if you are the victim of another person's negligence.

Why Able Accident Benefits

We at Able Legal Service try to recover the maximum compensation which you incur because of your injuries .

1.Obtained significant verdicts and settlements for people injured in motor vehicle accidents under tort claim.
2.Our lawyers have extensive experience in tort claim.
3.We thoroughly investigate each case to assess liability and determine fault.
4.We work with experienced investigators to obtain photographs, witness statements and other necessary investigation.
5.Our attorneys have an excellent understanding of the complexity of the case.
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